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Clermont Northeastern Schools is starting a program to give adults who did not complete high school an opportunity to earn a high school diploma. This program is free and an alternative to the GED. Any adult who did not complete high school or earn a GED, lives in Ohio, and is over 22 years of age is eligible to enroll.  It does not matter what school district you live in!

Check out more information HERE or contact TJ Glassmeyer,  or 513-625-1211 x112, with any questions.
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NET) What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NET)? Non-Emergency Medical Transportation or NET is available to persons on Medicaid. The service provides transportation services to and from medical appointments. The service is free of charge for those who are eligible. Standard NET service is available Monday thru Saturday 4:30AM to 6:00PM Dialysis NET service is available beyond the standard hours ask a dispatcher for more details. Scheduling To schedule a ride YOU CAN CALL UP TO 14 DAYS IN ADVANCE. Trips are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. The scheduling office is open from 5:30am to 6:30pm Monday thru Friday and 8:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday Dispatch Phone Number 513-732-7433 Electronic Trip Request Book-A-Ride Online New Customers All first time Medicaid eligible customers requesting NET service must have their eligibility verified with the Clermont County Department of Jobs and Family Services (DHFS). CTC contacts DJFS, but the verification process can take up to 24 hours. Customers may schedule a ride before CTC receives the verification, but customers may only travel within Clermont County and may have to pay for their ride. If a customer has been approved for services but does not use the service for several months, CTC is required to verify their Medicaid eligibility again before providing NET service. If a customer has Medicaid and moves from another county, they are required to switch the Medicaid registration with DJFS before CTC can provide any NET service. Destinations Passengers can be picked up anywhere in Clermont County and taken to any medical destination in Clermont, Hamilton, or Brown County. Riding CTC’s NET Service The bus may arrive 15min before or after the scheduled pick up or drop off time The bus will wait 5 min at the pick-up location Passengers who have a service animal may bring it on the bus The driver may help passengers on and off the bus and may help them secure their wheel chair, but under no circumstances will a driver enter a passenger’s home Drivers cannot not sign clients out of medical facilities If you require assistance from another person please let a dispatcher know when you schedule your trip and their transportation will be paid for by Medicaid Non-Emergancy Medicaid Brochure (PDF) Informational Brochure for Low-Income Transportation Needs
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Ride Cards Costs and Ordering Information Adult, Student, Senior, Disabled Classification type Clermont County Ride Cards Application for persons with disabilities Clermont County Discounted Fare Application For Persons With Disabilities Discounted Fair Discounted Fair Form Book transportation Book A Ride Form Also, CTC recently added bike racks to all buses. Passengers can now take their bike with them when riding CTC.
Ever wondered what we do in our subcommittee meetings? Come up with brilliant ideas-that's what! This fancy new CCSNA Food Pantry Map came out of our Emergency Needs Subcommittee Meeting and is located under our Resource List tab. Thanks to all who made it happen! A special thanks to Thanks Amanda Alamo-who created it from Linda Fraley's team! Soon to come a complete list of all of our agencies mapped so we can focus our outreach efforts to areas where we have yet to make an impact. Great work team! Please go and check out the map and see how it can serve yours and your client's needs! You'll have the ability to zoom in and out and click on each red pointer to get detailed information about each location. Don't forget to send us to send us your success stories once you check it out.